The LvLy Dance Academy, founded by Unmukta Sinha or LoveLy as she is known to friends and family, is the premier dance school in Pondicherry, offering a wide variety of styles and performance art forms. At present the academy is working in collaboration with Le Debut Fitness Studio.

Unmukta has performed internationally at several events and conducted dance workshops in countries such as France, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway.

She has trained in the Indian classical dance form of Kathak. She has also participated in workshops conducted by the well known choreographer Terence Lewis in Mumbai. She is an expert of the popular dance genre of Bollywood.

Today, she specializes in various fusion dance forms; she combines her knowledge of classical movement and posture with modern popular music, and expounds dance forms such as Semi-Classical Bollywood and Creative-Kathak. Merging elements of western dances like Hip Hop and Jazz with Bollywood she also fashions styles such as Bolly-Hop and Bolly-Jazz.

Off late she has been experimenting with styles such as Disco, Rock n Roll and Contemporary Dance, all within the framework of Bollywood music.